Assist Access / Maintain Employment

Assist Access / Maintain Employment

NDIS Assist Access and Maintain Employment Service

Achieve your employment goals and lead a fulfilling life with specialised training plans and workplace assistance designed just for NDIS participants.

At Blessing Care & Support, we are dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities find meaningful NDIS employment and thrive in their careers. Our comprehensive workplace assistance programs are crafted to help you successfully find or retain a job. We understand that each person’s journey is unique, so our training programs are tailored to enhance your skills and meet your specific needs, supporting any working-age individual with an employment goal.

How We Can Help

We offer a range of services to support your NDIS employment Liverpool journey, including:

  • Finding and Keeping Jobs: Our team works closely with you to identify suitable job opportunities and provides ongoing support to help you maintain your employment. We assist with job searches, resume building, interview preparation, and on-the-job support.
  • Getting Promoted to Better Positions: We help you advance in your career by identifying opportunities for growth and development within your current role or finding new positions that match your skills and aspirations.
  • Building Essential Work Skills: Our training programs focus on developing the foundational skills necessary for success in the workplace. From communication and teamwork to time management and problem-solving, we provide the tools you need to excel.
  • Developing a Career Plan: We work with you to create a personalised career plan that aligns with your goals and interests. This includes setting short-term and long-term objectives, identifying potential career paths, and outlining the steps needed to achieve your aspirations.

Ready to Take the Next Step in Your Career?

If you need NDIS Assist Access and Maintain Employment support, contact us at Blessing Care & Support today. Our dedicated team is here to help you navigate the path to NDIS employment services success and work towards a brighter and more fulfilling future. Let’s work together to achieve your career goals and unlock your full potential.